Services Provided

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Our Ships Agencies is the agent for a number of global shipping companies as principles including East Asia region (Japan) and others.

General Cargo Shipping

PT Admiral Lines provides general cargo shipping, from port to port within Indonesian waters. We are approachable, risk aware, and take a responsive approach to meet requirement from customers


An accounting authority acts as a billing intermediary and service providers for Panama and the Indonesian Flag.

The company acts as the general agent for foreign vessels and Domestic vessels in compliance with the prevailing regulations in Indonesia to manage permits and port facilities arrangement, as well as the provision of supplies such as fuels, fresh water, spare-parts, repair services and others.

The Company offers the following Vessel Agency Services with coverage in all parts of Indonesia:

PT Admiral Lines has Accounting Authority radio communication services IA14 that awarded since 1981 by the Director General of Sea Transportation and the only Accounting Authority in Indonesia that is granted authority by the Government of Panama, for Panama-flagged vessels.

We provide communication services from ship to land or vice versa, and ships to others through coastal radio stations by Inmarsat satellites, that are billed to shipping telecommunications service fees. Below, the ship’s Customer Owners who have registered their vessels with the Accounting Authority IA14 :

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